50 Most Popular Labrador Retriever Names of 2020

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Labrador retrievers, or “Labs”, are known for their kind eyes, loyalty, and good temperament. Being titled America’s most popular dog for 29 years in a row, this fun-loving breed makes the perfect companion! They’re often trained become guide dogs for the blind, handicapped assistance dogs, and therapy dogs.

If you’ve got a new Labrador addition to your family, we’ve got you covered with the most popular Labrador names of 2020 to inspire you. And if you’re already a lab parent, check out the list to see if your dog’s name made the list! The list was derived from a survey on our Facebook page and various online databases.

Top 50 Labrador Retriever Names
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Rank Name Gender
1 Bella Female
2 Bailey Male
3 Charlie Male/Female
4 Luna Female
5 Lucy Female
6 Cooper Male
7 Max Male
8 Sadie Female
9 Daisy Female
10 Lily Female
11 Buddy Male
12 Duke Male
13 Bear Male
14 Riley Male/Female
15 Zoey Female
16 Molly Female
17 Maggie Female
18 Tucker Male
19 Scotty Male
20 Stella Female
21 Abby Female
22 Jack Male
23 Harley Male/Female
24 Roxy Female
25 Lola Female
26 Shadow Male
27 Marley Male/Female
28 Jake Male
29 Rocky Male
30 Blue Male
31 Moose Male
32 Scout Male
33 Nala Female
34 Coco Male
35 Ellie Female
36 Gracie Female
37 Jax Male
38 Murphy Male
39 Penny Female
40 Bentley Male
41 Chloe Female
42 Beau Male
43 Cali Female
44 Remy Male/Female
45 Kona Male
46 Sophie Female
47 Milo Male
48 Leo Male
49 Piper Female
50 Hank Male

Is your dog’s name on the list? Share this list with your friends and family!

Popular labrador retriever names
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