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12 Reasons That Prove That You’ll Never Get Bored With a German Shepherd

By September 10, 2020June 11th, 20216 Comments

German Shepherds truly have distinctive personalities. They can be unpredictable, adept, affectionate, joyful, and very energetic!  It’s true — once you bring a German Shepherd into your home, life will never be boring again.

We’ve rounded up 12 reasons, from our Facebook community, that prove you’ll never get bored with a German Shepherd. Do you agree with these? Let us know in the comments!

#1 – They REALLY enjoy car rides…especially to the dog park! @hello.its.bruno

German Shepherd puppy head outside car window

#2 – They’re very photogenic….that means endless selfies! @apollo_germanshepherd

Women taking selfie with German Shepherd

#3 – They’re always ready for an adventure @thelifeofkoda___

German Shepherd posing for a picture on an adventure

#4 – They make the best workout partners @for.fitz.and.giggles

Working out with a German Shepherd

#5 – They make the perfect cuddle buddies, because they’re so floofy! @mia_long_coat_gsd

Cuddling with German Shepherd puppy in car

#6 – They can help you socialize @houseofk9bolton

Woman socializing with pet German Shepherd

#7 – They can make boring chores more enjoyable just by being adorable. @nalah_jax.gsd

German Shepherd puppy helping out in wheelbarrow

#8 – They’re always excited to see you, even if you were gone for just 5 minutes! @koda_longcoatgsd

German Shepherd puppy eagerly waiting for mom

#9 – They’re VERY intelligent, you can teach them endless tricks and commands @canineextremegsd

German Shepherd excited for training

#10 – They’re hilarious and goofy @adventureswithriggsandscar

Goofy German Shepherd on sofa

#11 – They love to play with everything…literally. @germanshepherdfamily_

German Shepherd playing with soccer ball

#12 – You’ll never eat alone again 😂 @odin.the.sable.gsd

German Shepherd wanting to taste human food

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