9 Adorable Before And After Photos Of Labradors Who’ve Grown Up

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Had a long week? These adorable before and after pictures of Labradors will guarantee to cheer you up!

#1 – Chubbington, growing up with such soulful eyes! @thesirchubbington 

#2 – Same little Coop, but just a bit bigger! @coop_the_napvalley_lab

#3 – Josie, she’s a happy girl! @josie.theblacklab

#4 – Magnet, what a difference just a few months make! @magnet.jackson

#5 – Lily and Lincoln, best friends for life! | @lilyandlincoln 

#6 – Today Kiba turns 4 years old! @kiba.kona.thelab 

#7 – Best friends Bodie and Prim growing up together! @adventuresofbodieandprim

#8 – Rolloe, they grow up so fast! @rollo.labrador

#9 – Brodie, some things never change! @brodietheblacklab_

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Alica Brennan

Alica Brennan

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