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11 Instagram Famous German Shepherds You Need To Follow

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Famous German Shepherds on Instagram

The internet is undoubtedly a fascinating place, did you know dogs have now become internet influencers? They easily amass millions of followers on Instagram by simply stealing our hearts with their sweet faces and fun personalities – but we aren’t complaining! In fact, nothing can instantly put a smile on your face and lighten up your day quite like our furry friends can.

That’s why we’ve found the 11 most beloved German Shepherd accounts on Instagram that you should be following! Let their fun personalities enrich your daily feeds, and experience the joy that is these goofy giants of love.

#1 – @topi_the_dog Topi is 3 year’s old, living in Finland, and has amassed over 155k followers.

#2 – @dex_the_gsd_ Dex is 1 year old, living in Netherlands, and has amassed 116k followers.

#3 – @worldmeetmarley Marley is 9 months old, living in Australia, and has amassed 95k followers.

#4 – @grizzly.bane Bane is 2 years old, and has amassed 160k followers.

#5 – @max.and.murph Max is almost 2 years old, living in Arizona, and has amassed a massive fanbase with 469k followers.

#6 – @pawsforpresley Presley is 2 years old, living in Australia, and has amassed a following of 80k people

#7 – @zeus.gshepherd Zeus is 3 years old, living in Australia, and has amassed 118k followers.

#8 – @archer.the.gsd Archer lives in Australia, and has amassed 97k followers.

#9 – @strider.gsd Strider is 2 years old, living in Germany, and has amassed 187k followers.

#10 – @von.jakoba Koba and his friends have amassed over 176k followers.

#11 – @rastawhiteshepherd Rasta is a unique white shepherd with a massive 361k followers.

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