10-Year Old Boy Raises Over $315,000 to Protect Police Dogs on Duty

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A 10 year old Ohio boy, Brad Snakovsky has been hailed as a hero after leading a campaign to get police and military dogs around the world bulletproof vests.

Brad says he decided to do something when as an 8 year old he was watching a show together with his family, and he noticed that the K-9 wasn’t as protected as his handler. His mother Leah Tornabene told CNN that she hadn’t even been aware that the dog wasn’t wearing a vest.

She goes on to say she was quite surprised a child his age not only immediately recognized a problem, but also found a solution to fix that problem, adding how proud it made her feel seeing him do it.

Brady’s observation went on to spark a non-profit fund, Brady’s K9 Fund, which raises money to supply bulletproof vests to police and military dogs. This started from a go fund me which allowed him buy the first 4 vests for the dogs.

Brady has gone ahead to supply over 360 dogs with vests and has raised over $315,000 which has been used to outfit dogs in 23 states and Canada. He has also supplied bulletproof vests to military dogs in Afghanistan.

Tornabene highlights that most people don’t realize that K-9 units in police forces need donations to survive and so every dollar matters. This has made some handlers reach out to Brady by word of mouth or through his website.

Brady says several dogs he’s aided stood out but one remains his favorite, K-9 Benny. A dog whose handler had been so thankful for the intervention, he broke into tears. He’s now friends with the brave dog as well as his handler.

Not to stop at one venture only, Brady has recently kick started a new local project. He created a dog park in Brunswick, Ohio near his hometown. This location is closed one day a week to allow police dogs and their handlers train.

Brady found out that police dogs are very often in need of practice space for their monthly training so he set about providing one. With support from community members, they fixed and restored a park and equipped it with dog agility equipment for training purposes.

Brady says his vision is to help as many police dogs as he can through his non-profit and the park and he thinks it’s all worth it because he likes seeing the smile son the handlers faces.


​When not engaged in running his business, Brady enjoys school, baseball, amusement parks, animals, police, and hanging out with his family. When relaxing, Brady loves to watch some of his favorite shows such as house flipping shows, Sponge Bob, and reruns of Dirty Jobs. He could not live without candy and string cheese

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